About Globegnome
What is GlobeGnome?
It's a place where people go to, first and foremost, keep track of their weekend adventures. Whether it’s logging GPS information from a recent downhill mountain bike ride or plotting the location of a new surf spot GlobeGnome allows every person to remember the details of all their experiences AND share it with their friends.

With GlobeGnome you can:

  • Upload GPS files (Elevation Profiles and Route Stats)
  • Plot your adventures on a Map
  • Attach Youtube and Vimeo Videos
  • Upload Images
  • Figure out what to do this weekend
  • Follow your Favorite Activities
    If you're like me, you work for the weekend. And if you're even more like me, you've hiked every trail that's in your skill level... or so you thought. By following activities you find new trails and hopefully, make new friends.
    You can Plan a Trip!
    Great! You've just book flights to Puerto Rico... now what? Get a Fromers? Go to TripAdvisor to look up hotel reviews? But what about the 16+ hours in the day where you're not sleeping/eating? With GlobeGnome you can figure out what each city has to offer. You can find out exactlly what there is to do. It's like talking to your friend who just got back from their vacation...